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Some nannies will outright ask if you will be having more children so they can get a sense of the possible longevity of the job. The laws around domestic workers mandate overtime of 1.5 the hourly rate for hours worked over 40 hours. Throwing a few extra bucks in doesn’t cut it legally.

Park Slope Parents urges you to make this happen; it’s the law. When you hire a nanny you’ll need to make sure the person is willing to be paid on the books since the norm in Park Slope is that you pay off the books. Many don’t know the benefits of paying on the books so may push back; so prepare to educate them.

  • No matter how much you (and they) feel they are “part of the family,” knowing yourself is important in making the right choice for a nanny.
  • Do you need flexible start/end times but can guarantee enough hours to give a nanny financial security?
  • Know what holidays you’ll be giving your nanny off and discuss these before the hire.
  • If you start by giving your nanny robust pay and benefits and things change for you financially it’s hard to take things away.

Trust us on this one, you’ll save yourself awkwardness and misunderstanding if something is in writing to refer to. It’s inevitable that your childcare needs will change as your kids grow older or work schedules change. According to PSP Nanny Survey Data, only 12% of nannies transition into the afterschool pick up. Here are some words of wisdom from PSP members who have changed their nanny’s job description over time.

The Parked Slope Parents Nanny Work Agreement

PSP conducted its 7th survey of employers who employ a nanny. These results are based on 870 parents from Brooklyn who employ live-out nannies who are not part of a nanny share. Park Slope Parents reports the data as fairly and accurately as possible. Each family needs to make its own decision about hiring a nanny and paying a nanny. We urge you to follow laws (see below) around hiring a nanny as well as paying a fair living wage.

  • Are you planning on having more kids down the line?
  • A day of rest (24 hours) every seven days, or overtime pay if they agree to work on that day, even if they have worked less than 40 hours.
  • The average rate for a nanny in Brooklyn is $18.65 per hour, but creating this guide took the input of generations of nannies and families.
  • Parents share how they made the first few days with their nanny a flying success.

After your nanny has worked a year they will expect a raise. According to the 2022 Nanny Compensation Survey, employers gave between $1 and $2, with the majority giving $1, or some other amount (e.g., $25 – $50/week). If you have an extra child and the nanny will watch both children, a $2/hr raise is typical. Not giving an annual raise because you are giving an increase in pay due to a second child can be seen as scrimping and lead to tension in the relationship.

Have A Nanny? Here’s some HELP in getting through Coronavirus

This is not connected to a raise or paid time off and but paying a holiday bonus is virtually ubiquitous in December. According to the 2022 Nanny Compensation Survey, 90% who have a nanny working for a year or more gave their nanny a bonus. If the nanny has not been with you for very long (less than six months) you may pro-rate the pay, but explain why it’s not a week’s pay, or it’s best to pay it forward rather than skimp. This is a complex, time-consuming process if you are starting from scratch. By law you must provide, in writing, the amount of accrued and taken sick leave on your nanny’s paycheck stub. You may swap hours here and there, but you’ll need to pay more per hour for someone who comes early and works late, stays at the last minute, or does more than just tidying the kids’ related mess.

Paying a Nanny/Babysitter on the Books

Parents share how they made the first few days with their nanny a flying success. Over the years, Park Slope Parents has asked hundreds of local families about their Nannies. From average salary through to vacation, job duties and more – find out what you can expect and offer your Nanny in the ‘hood.


Knowing what you want up front will help guide you to the right decision in hiring. Know who YOU are so you can hire the right nanny for your family. You need to look inside yourself to see what kind of manager you’ll be. If you prefer to have lots of control, make sure you hire a person who can handle that level of micro-management. This article talks through the ins and outs of what you need to know and the steps you need to take for terminating your caregiver. From a nanny cam to running background checks, this section offers words of caution that will protect you, your family and your caregiver.

Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding what you need. This section talks you through all you need to know about interviewing nanny candidates on the references. Giving end-of-year (in December) bonuses continues to be standard, with 1 week’s pay being the most common amount given. Here are some “must have” topics for your work agreement.

PSP Statement about Hiring Nannies

Perhaps a friend could help out by taking care of your child on, say, Friday afternoons and you watch theirs for a few hours Saturday morning. Some parents also do a nanny/ daycare combination. And maybe, if you have a great boss, your nanny brings your child to work one afternoon a week and takes a nap there. This requires new employers to provide yearly written documentation of their pay rates (including nannies paid off the books), proper wage statements, current employer information and more.

They are your employee (a position of power) and you are their employer. This is a special relationship and boundary to respect. Please pay attention to the laws below, know what your nanny is entitled to, and know what your responsibilities are as well as consequences of not following through.