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Therefore, it may not be out of the realm of possibility that could be a hit this year. On paper, this circumstance bodes well for Marathon Digital, an ambitious enterprise-level crypto miner. Moreover, the decline in MARA stock shares — down a whopping 22% in the trailing month — could entice speculators of Reddit stocks. However, it’s also possible that virtual currencies won’t collapse like other bubbles in market history. Because of the mainstream attention that this recent rally (that’s probably about to end) generated, it’s possible that the sentiment may have reached critical mass. From now on, people may have a permanent interest in cryptos, irrespective of the digital market’s valuation.

It is also worth noting that the shares have received a nice boost thanks to this move after underperforming the broader market for most of the year. Steve was previously the Founder and CEO of CressCap Investment Research until its acquisition by Seeking Alpha in 2018 for its unparalleled quant analysis and market data capabilities. In the end, there may be no way to prevent people from pushing a stock too high and potentially burning themselves. Instead, Spatt said it may be better first to properly educate all these novice investors about the risks of bubbles and overzealous trading. But brokerages have been making it ever-easier for novices to get into the market and trade.

  1. All told, GameStop looks like a stock-split play that investors may want to avoid.
  2. While the stock had already hit its all-time high in February, you can see from the graph that comments about the company have exploded in the past week.
  3. Major companies with solid growth prospects haven’t seen a bump in their prices following stock-split announcements.
  4. That is, Reddit traders may see themselves as the righteous hunter, blowing away birds of prey just as they swoop in for the kill.
  5. Additionally, a split isn’t a guarantee of higher stock prices.

He estimates that there are about 33 million shares shorted or 21% of its float, with an increase of over 5 million shares in the past 30 days. The percentage drops a bit to 17.5% when synthetic longs created by short sellers are included. The irony, though, is that committing such acts ruins the ecological balance that organically promotes harmony in nature. In the investment market, short trading is necessary, in part to weed out underperformers from accruing any more capital from unsuspecting or unsophisticated investors. Furthermore, short trading may facilitate holistic price discovery, thus potentially mitigating wild peaks and valleys.

GME, along with Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY, $14.06), AMC Entertainment (AMC, $18.84) and seemingly countless others, became meme stock darlings on social media platforms, most notably Reddit’s r/wallstreetbets (WSB) subreddit. “The past 25 years have witnessed a number of sharp short squeezes in the U.S. equity market, but none as extreme as has occurred recently,” Kostin wrote in the note, published on January 29. “In the last three months, a basket containing the 50 Russell 3000 stocks with market caps above $1 billion and the largest short interest as a share of float has rallied by 98%.” Note that Heron Therapeutics (HRTX, $8.14) currently tops the list. That’s hardly unusual, however, and even something of a throwback to the pre-meme stock days.

Troika’s forward EV/EBITDA ratio sits at 3.1X, a figure usually only seen in private-market transactions. (To be fair, I also gave a 40% chance that Troika “runs off with all our money” and would be worth zero). Troika Media Group is an acquisitions company that can trace its roots back to Roomlinx, a Nevada-based firm founded in 1998. Over the years, the entity would purchase everything from broadband companies to brand consultancies. It wasn’t particularly successful; the firm averaged a $9.4 million loss per year and required a steady stream of stock and debt issuances to fill the gap.

The higher the percent of short interest the greater the percentage of people shorting the stock. At the same time, new investors may also start buying the stock, either on speculation or investment fundamentals, driving the stock even higher. As you can imagine, a short squeeze is bad news for short sellers- but very good news for investors who took a bullish bet on the stock. The short Interest data metric as an investment factor has been the flavor of the year. Historically, it is a pretty poor factor for forecasting long-term performance. After all, most investors short stocks because it is perceived they have poor investment fundamentals.

This is what happened during the ‘Reddit Revolution,’ which we saw this past year. If an investor catches the right side of a short squeeze you can make a vast profit. Many of these stocks have poor investment fundamentals and you do not want to be around when the light bulb goes off and investors realize the stock is not going to perform well in the long 5 minute forex scalping strategy 2021 run. If you hold too long, you will likely lose because the short squeeze ends, and then the stock price falls; you could lose all of your gains. This past year, the squeezes were so amplified because of the small- to mid-cap companies selected. When a smaller company has an extraordinary trading volume, it is amplified compared to a mega-cap company.

Reddit Stocks: CoreCivic (CXW)

Commissions have dropped to zero, and people can trade on their phones. As each barrier to trading has fallen, consumer advocates cheered the broadening playing field. But they also warned it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

MicroVision Is The Next GameStop

But it has really clamped down on pricey high-short-interest meme stocks from last year. Investors should also be concerned about the market’s low expectations for GameStop. The company’s losses are projected to increase at an alarming annual rate of 48% over the next five years. Its median price target of $110 on Wall Street points toward a drop in the stock price.

Meme stocks have taken the world by storm and many Meme stocks have high levels of short interest. Stocks with high levels of short interest are susceptible to short-term price swings. Historically, short interest as a factor (an investment metric) has notoriously been an inferior metric for forecasting stock price predictability. Nevertheless, a short squeeze has the capability to cause powerful stock rallies.

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But during a market cycle of short squeezes, it is a highly coveted data point. For over a year, interest in this data point has run strong and speculator’s enthusiasm does not seem to be slowing. They rose to the public eye because of social media platforms like Reddit and Wall Street Bets. The ad tech firm currently trades for a roughly $100 million market capitalization, valuing its shares at about 0.3X price-to-sales (P/S). That’s the same as GameStop’s valuation immediately before its short squeeze and about eight times lower than the average U.S. firm. In other words, it’s a siren’s call for deep-value investors looking for enormous returns.

That’s even with WBX stock taking a sizable 15.4% loss in the first week of 2022. Thus, prospective buyers will need to be careful — but you knew that already. As I mentioned before, this list of potentially massive Reddit stocks for 2022 is simply a giant guess. However, I’m noticing some patterns regarding which securities receive outsized attention.

Well, those who are adamant about supporting Reddit stocks to buy may demonstrate reverse psychopathy. That is, Reddit traders may see themselves as the righteous hunter, blowing away birds of prey just as they swoop in for the kill. Frankly, it beat out every possible upside expectation I had for the rather speculative bet. Right when you’re down on your chips, the community swoops in and stops the affluently cynical dead in their tracks. On the other hand, GameStop has been relatively clear about its finances and business outlook.

That’s not surprising, as the number of physical video game titles available for sale dropped from 321 in 2018 to 226 in 2021. Meanwhile, the number of video game titles distributed digitally was up to 2,182 last year from 1,362 in 2018. The digital distribution channel reportedly accounts for 90% of new console gaming titles, according to technology website Ars Technica. And while past performance is not indicative of future results, the blended approach of employing a multitude of investment characteristics helps alleviate a lot of the risk carried when one uses a single factor. Again, short interest has not worked as a consistent strategy in past decades, but it has worked for the last 18 months. If you like short interest and want to make it work, consider using our Top Short Squeeze Stock screen.